Add infotypes to PA30

Add infotypes to PA30
Go to transaction PA30 and press ENTER.
Bellow are the tabs (for various infotypes) are available for maintenance:

We can add new infotypes to the above screen by using the infotype V_T588B.
For this, we need to know the user group for which the user belongs. For this click on System -> User
Profile -> Own data.

Click on Parameters tab:
Check the value assigned for POP(or UGR).
Check the Parameters tab: 01 is mine.

Go to transaction SM30 and enter the view V_T588B and press Display.

Enter the value 01 (Basic Personal data) and click on Continue.

Here you can observe the infotypes related to Basic personal data being assigned to different user

So any infotypes that you would look to appear in PA30 needs to be maintained here as per the
infotype category.

You can select a infotype and press on display/change.



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