Applicant Activities and Applicant Correspondence

Applicant Activities and Applicant Correspondence
An applicant activity is a specific administrative step that an applicant passes through in the selection procedure, such as a confirmation of receipt of application, invitation to interview.
Applicant activities can be liked to standard texts.
  • When an applicant activity is created, the system can automatically print a standard letter for applicant correspondence.
Hiring an Applicant
When you hire an applicant, you can transfer the applicant data on Personnel Administration.
You transfer the applicant data directly from the applicant database to the employee database.
All data you enter in the Recruitment infotypes is adopted as default values in Personnel Administration after the data transfer.
  • This means that you can continue to use the data you have created for applicants when they become employees, but you can also change the data.
In integrated systems, data transfer takes place either directly in Recruitment or directly in Personnel Administration.
You have the option of having the system automatically generate contracts for the applicants you want to hire.
Applying via the internet
The employment opportunities service helps companies perform recruitment effectively by enabling employees to:
  • view your company’s job advertisements
  • apply for positions in your company
Applicants can display either the employment opportunities for certain regions only or a general list of employment opportunities.
The system refers to the advertisements stored in Recruitment for information or the position.
Applicants can apply for posed positions and also submit unsolicited applications.
Applicants apply for jobs over the Internet by specifying information such as personal data, work experience, qualifications, and education. 
This data is automatically copied to the my SAP ERP System.
As of SAP R/3 Enterprise, applicants can also update and change the data they recorded.
Applicant can also send application documents electronically.
The system provides applicants with a user ID and password, which enables them to check the status of their application at a later date. This is provided by a second service called Applicant Status.

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