Bank Transfers and Check Processing

Bank Transfers and Check Processing
Human Resources- Payroll-International-Payroll-Bank Transfer- Pre. Program DME
Make sure that Payroll area ## is entered under both Payroll period and Selection. Set the test indicator and select Execute. Analyze the log.
Go back a step and run the Pre. program DME again. Remove the test indicator and select the Set flag for transfers indicator. Press Execute
Make a note of the program run date and the DME run identification feature, which is displayed under the program run date on the results screen.
Program run date:________________________________
DME run identification feature:_______________________
Return to the SAP Standard Menu.
Human Resources- Payroll-International-Tools- Display Results
Enter your personnel numbers 390## and 390991## using the Multiple selection button, and choose Enter. 
Mark a personnel number in the Personnel numbers selected area, ant then  double-click on the line of the corresponding payroll result or choose the button Display overview. Double-click on the BT table( Payment Information) where you can read the date and time. Choose the button Back and repeat this procedure for the second personnel number.
To find the program to carry out bank transfers and check processing for your country, you have to choose the payroll menu for your country. There you choose:
Payroll-Bank Transfer
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