Delete overlapping request

In this post we will discuss about the delete overlapping request from infocube.

We are using SAP BW 7.40 service pack 10.

Our request is to make an automation of deleting the request which are full from the infocube.

We use full infopackeges to load our data. The data is from profit center accounting extractor who doesn’t support delta loads.

In our example we load the data into the 0PCA_C01 cube. The loads are daily with full and we need to do not double the data with the same selection on load.

We create our infopackage with selection of data that we want to load.

The load directly to data target (infocube).

By data targets we select the targets from where we want to delete the data.

Press automatic load to set the delete option.

Complete the delete option as in your business request.


Next step is to create the delete overlapping request that will  be inserted into the process chain.

Complet the object type as infopackage with the technical name of our infopackage.


Insert them in process chain.


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