DBA user expired

DBA user expired 



In the transaction SM21, you will see a syslog error regarding some password expiration.


Double click on the error to investigate and press on Trace.


Next you will search for errors. (you can start from the down page to the up page).In our case the user SYSTEM has expired.

You are in one system and the database user password can expire in other system. So pay attention which system is suggested in the error.


Next we go to os level. (linux)

#su – oracle

# sqlplus /as sysdba

# select username,account_status,profile from dba_users;


We can see also with the next commands, that the user is expired :

(! bellow is one command, select all three lines)

# set linesize 10000

set pagesize 300

select username,account_status, profile from dba_users; 


Next we put the command from bellow, but we change the name of the user. In our case is SYSTEM:

# SELECT ‘ALTER USER ‘|| name ||’ IDENTIFIED BY VALUES ”’|| spare4 ||’;’|| password ||”’;’ FROM sys.user$ WHERE name=’SYSTEM’;

In the next lines, will appear a hexadecimal ( string . That string, please copy it and put it like a command. And also press commit;


Next we will do again the command:

# select username,account_status,profile from dba_users;

And we will see now that the user is open now (from expired to open).


Next we put the command conn and the name of the user.

So in our case conn SYSTEM to put the password.

The user is now connected.


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