Employee To Vendor Conversion in SAP

Employee To Vendor Conversion in SAP

Transaction PRAA and press enter
Fill the following fields with relevant data as shown in screenshot below AND press execute button.
The following output will appear

Enter Transaction SE38

Enter the name of program RFBIKR00 and press execute button
Enter the File path name (same as entered in transaction PRAA) as shown below and click on execute:
The output will appear as below:

Enter Transaction SM35

Select the batch input given in transaction PRAA and  click on Process

Select Processing Mode as ‘Display errors only’ And Click on Process.

Success message appear AND press exist batch input.

Vendor has been created.


To check the new vendor for this employee:

Enter Transaction SE16

Enter the table name : LFB1(or press F7) and press enter :
Enter employee 718 as shown below and press on execute button:
Vendor No. 358 created for employee 18.

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