Entering Payroll Data – Hiring an Employee

Entering Payroll Data- Hiring an Employee

In the SAP Menu select: Human Resource-Personnel Management-Administration-HR Master Data-Personnel Actions  or use transaction PA40.


Select Hiring HR390 ( In my case I have Hiring Payroll) and enter the following entries:
Personnel number, From and click execute.

After you click on execute button, will appear a window where you will be able to introduce information like: name, birth date, employee group, etc. and after you enter the values click to save button.
Will appear another window, where will enter some values like: birthplace, nationality, marital status, etc. and after press save. 

After you saved dates you press next record button to enter another dates.

You can enter details like bank key, bank account, payment method, etc. You enter all dates you have in that moment. Press SAVE. You can see the information if you press overview.

When you press next record, you will can enter all the information about an employee. Don not forget to save your data.

After you finish to enter data, you can go at Human Resource-Personnel Managemet-Administration-HR Master Data-Personnel File where you enter the personnel  number  and click on display.

When you press display, will appear :

Here you can press to next record to enter data that you did not create previously.

P.S: When you see a box like this  means that you mandatory introduce information.

I have no copyright on any text or picture from this document only for Screenshots. .  This document was made for  learn easier information about HCM, HR, SAP. 

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