Hiring an Employee

Hiring an Employee
 Recording Data
  • Two level data entry concept (1)
  • The tow-level data entry concept enables you to classify applicant data according to features regarding time and organization. 
    • the first level of data recording, recording basic data, is obligatory for all applicants.
    • here, all the data that is needed to create applicant letters and for statistical purpose ( Such a name, address, potential organizational assignment ) is recorded.     
  • Two level data entry concept (2)
  • the second level of data recording, entering additional data, is only carried out for applicant who are of continued interest to the company.
  • at this stage, you can assign an applicant to one or more vacancies.
  • information such as the applicant’s qualifications, educations, and previous employment is recorded during this stage.
Applicant Actions
  • the applicant actions infotype (4000) serves as a record of all applicant actions carried out for an applicant.
Transaction :PB20

  • These applicant actions can be:
    • process flows for data recording ( such as initial entry of applicant data, recording,additional data).
    • procedures which change the applicant is overall status (such as reject applicant, put applicant on hold).
!!! The most important information contained in the infotype is the overall status of the applicant (such as processing, on hold, rejected).
Applicant status
According to the two types of selection procedures, there are two types of applicant status:
1.Overall status
This indicates the applicant’s current status ( such as processing, on hold, invite) in the global selection procedure for the company.
2. Vacancy assignment
This refers to the actual status of an applicant for a particular vacancy. 
Overall status is determined during the initial entry of applicant data phase and must be available for every applicant from this point onwards.
The overall status relates to the global selection process for an applicant. 
The vacancy assignment relates to the selection process for one vacancy for an applicant.

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