How to create a new event date without resources? (Training and Event Management)

How to create a new event date without resources? 
(Training and Event Management)
1. In the dynamic business event menu, create a new event date without
GO TO: Choose Training and Event Management → Business Events →Business Event Menu.
Choose what business event do you want to create. (I choose Languages-Business English).

Right-click the business event.
Choose Create w/o Resources.

The Create Business Event Without Resources screen appears.

Enter a date in the future as the proposed start date of the new business event. 
Use the possible entries help to select Berlin (or Walldorf) as the location. 
Accept all other default values and choose Save.

Business event created.

2.Book persons and attendees from organizational units.

Next you can book Luminita Tamas for your event of the type.

Go to: Training and Event Management → Attendance →
Attendance Menu.

Expand the business event group Training International and the underlying event types to display the event dates. Position your cursor on your business event and right-click the Book Attendance option in the context menu.

In the Book Attendance: Data dialog box, enter the relevant personnel number in the Person field. Save your entries by choosing Book Attendance. 

The message Attendance Booked appears. Press Enter to confirm the message.

3. Make one prebooking.

Right-click any business event type,  and choose Prebook.

In the Prebook Attendance: Data dialog box, enter a personnel number. Save by choosing Prebook. The message Attendee has been prebooked for the business event type appears. Press Enter to confirm the message. In the Prebook Attendance: Data dialog box, choose Cancel. If Prebooking checks appears, choose Enter once more.

4. Make one rebooking.
Right-click a booking that you made and right-click on a person and choose Rebook from the context menu.

In the Rebook Attendance: Data dialog box, select an event date in the Business Event Catalog area and choose Rebook.
If there are no more business events to rebook, you could change the business event type, for example SAPHR.

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