How to create a new user in SAP?

How to create a new user in SAP ?

Enter transaction SU01

In the next window you enter a new user(1) name and press on CREATE button (2):
In the following window you enter information about the new user:
2.Logon data
3……….(You have more options)
Enter the initial password:
Press on SAVE button 
Now you can go to the initial SAP LOGON window and enter the new user:
Will appear a window where you can change the initial password and press continue(green check):
Will appear a copyright information, press on green check button bellow:
Now you can go again to the initial SAP LOGON screen, and enter again user and the new password.
Now you have access to the SAP:

I have no copyright on any text  from this document only for Screenshots. This document was made for  learn easier information about HCM, HR, SAP.

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