How to create a PROCESS CHAIN in SAP BW?


How to create a PROCESS CHAIN in SAP BW?



Enter transaction RSPC.



Click on Create button.


You need to input the technical name and description and press Enter.



Next will appear the  Insert start process. Here you press on the Start process icon and choose your process variant. Press Enter.



Next you go on the Start. Press right click and choose Maintain Variant.



Click on Change selection.




In start time panel there are lists of options like Immediate / Date-Time / after Job / after Event etc.

We need to choose for our process chain Immediate and click on Save.



Here you have 2 options of scheduling.


Choose Direct Scheduling and press SAVE.



Go back to the process chain window.



Next press on Process Types icon.



Drag and drop the InfoPackage to create a process chain block which loads data from Source System to PSA(Persistent Staging Area).



From the list, choose an Infopackage and press enter.




From the start to Load Data, drag an arrow.



Save and Check.


Activate the process chain.



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