How to Create an individual development plan? (Planning in Personnel Development)

How to Create an individual development plan? 
(Planning in Personnel Development)
Human Resources →Personnel Management →Personnel Development → Planning → Individual Development.
In the PERSON field you can enter the personnel number for the person you what.(or if you do not know, search by name).
In the MODEL DEVELOPMENT PLAN field choose Trainee Program Administration.
In the PLANNING START field, enter the first of the current month. 
Choose Change.
Transfer all of the items from the development plan template to the
plan for your person and flag it as planned. 
Choose Transfer All.

Set the status of all items to planned using the dropdown menu under Training Program Administration. Choose Yes in the dialog box to adjust the status of the individual items.

Flag an item that is a business event type for example the business ethics as current. In the State field, set the status indicator for the item to current. On the Individual Development Plan dialog box choose Yes to Book Attendance being performed.

 Select a date and book your person into class. If there is no class
available pre book the individual. Return to the Individual development Plan screen. Save.

Human Resources →Personnel Management →Personnel Development  → Profile Display to access the subprofile view in Personnel Development. 
You can display your person plan on the tab page Individual Development.

Choose PERSON and enter the name.

Will appear in the HIT LIST the name for your person. Press double click on it.

Choose DEVELOPMENT PLAN and you will see there all your courses.


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