How to Create an Organizational Structure?

How to Create an Organizational Structure?
To Create an Organizational Structure are different ways and we will use the simple way. 
Go to SAP Menu-Human Resources- Organizational Management-Expert Mode-Simple Maintenance- Create (Double click)
In the next screen will appear some fields where you need to enter the name of company abbreviation (short name of company) and the full name of the company and press enter(from keyboard).
Further, you will click (No double click) on the” MEDICAL HEALTH MGT,TAMAS” and press on CREATE button.
Next you enter some location in which this company exist. (USA,CAN,IN, etc), and click on SAVE button.
Next will appear a screen with your data that you have entered.
Click on ROMANIA(or what country you entered you) and press on CREATE button.
Further, you will create two departments and after that you will press SAVE.
Next screen will appear.
Because we are looking for the HUMAN RESOURCE department, we will click on the HUMAN RESOURCES and we will press CREATE.
Under HUMAN RESOURCE you can have departments like payroll,benefits,etc., and press SAVE.
Your screen will look like this.
If you want to hide object are, you can go to Settings- Hide Object Manager.
Your screen will looks like this.
In the next few steps we will create a position.
Click on the Staff Assignments. 
We will create a position in HR Department, so you click on the Human Resource and Payroll Department and click on Positions…
Next you will press on the create jobs button.
Next you will enter the abbreviation and name of your job and press SAVE.
Great, you have created a job. If you want to create a position.
In the next screen you enter SAP HR further to the name, on the number of requested positions we can enter 3, so we will make 3 positions and press Save.
Next you must click on the node in front of payroll department and will appear that 3 positions.
Next you click on the “MEDICAL HEALTH MGT, TAMAS” and you press on the “Structural graphics” button.
Will appear a graphic with all your data that you entered. 
You can change the view of this graphic by clicking on the View Options and selecting how you want to see it, click on apply and continue.
Will appear like this.

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