How to Create Recruitment Instruments in SAP?

How to Create Recruitment Instruments in SAP ?
Enter Transaction : SPRO
  • SAP IMG Path: – SPRO >> IMG (F5) >> Personnel Management >> Recruitment >> Workforce requirement and advertisement >> Create recruitment instruments.
Press F5 and after follow the image bellow (double click on the Create recruitment instruments):
Next press on the  new entries button to maintain new recruitment instrument as per your business requirements. 
The following recruitment instruments are creating in SAP:
InstrumentInstrumentMediumName of medium
00000066Times of India1Press
00000070Outlook email3Mail

Next you can enter information about:
  1. Instrument: – Enter unique id that identifies the recruitment instrument in SAP.
  2. Instrument: – update the descriptive name of the instrument.
  3. Medium: – Update the medium key that the instruments are classified according to the medium used.
  4. Name of medium: – Name of medium will automatically updates after your press enter key and save.

You save as a request. If you don’t have one you create one by press on the create button.

Enter a description and after press save.
On the Request box will appear an assigned name, press enter.
After you press enter will appear a display view with all instruments and you can check if yours are there.

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