How to Execute Payroll in SAP?

How to Execute Payroll in SAP

Enter transaction PC00_MXX_CALC ( where XX = Molga of the country for which you want to execute payroll)
In the next SAP screen:
  • Enter Payroll Area
  • Select Current Period
  • You can also select other period and run payroll for a period other than the current period.
Select the correct Schema

Mark the Display log checkbox.
On the Remuneration statement parameters you have to options:
  • For a SMALL number of employees, tick the “Display Variant Rem. Statement” field and select the appropriate variant

  • For a LARGE number of employees, tick “No Remuneration Statement” since there is a high chance of a ABAPdump Error

Here I put an ABAPdum error to see how it looks(if this appear, maybe you enter wrong information, maybe in that period isn’t information that can display or maybe you must to refresh the action).

Click Execute Check the Display Log for the results of the Payroll Run. It gives summary of total number of employees run , employees in error and employees successful.

I have no copyright on any text or picture from this document only for Screenshots. This document was made for  learn easier information about HCM, HR, SAP.
As a trick (not slecially for this post but maybe will help you), you can check how many errors are in the system by entering transaction ST22.
If is some table there that you don’t know what it does, you can check that table by entering transaction SE16.

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