Human Capital Management: Solutions

Human Capital Management: Solutions

Human Capital Management (HCM) is a company-wide strategy and is not only
confined to HR processes and functions.

HCM is subdivided into:

• Talent Management: This area represents the employee’s entire time at the
company. The time of employment or the employee lifecycle can usually
be divided into four phases: recruitment/hiring, assignment, development,
retention at company. The HCM solutions should automate and optimize
these four phases. The solutions improve the hiring process, make personnel
planning more efficient, promote employee development, and improve
employee retention at the company (each phase is discussed in more detail
• Workforce Process Management: Payroll, Benefits, Time Management, and
so on, offer a wide range of functions with low operating costs.
• Workforce Analytics: Reporting on the dataset using, for example, BW,

• End-User Enablement: Cross-company relationships between employees,
managers, contractors, and the company itself mean greater value-added
gain. This is achieved, for instance, through the portal-based components,
such as ESS and MSS.

HCM solutions use technology to define, identify, use, and enhance your
company’s human capital. Your company profits from a large value-added
potential and the company’s bottom line can be improved.

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