Identify Locked Personnel Numbers before Executing Payroll Runs

Identify Locked Personnel Numbers before Executing Payroll Runs

Executed transactions SE38 or SA38

Enter program HFIUCPL0 

Click EXECUTE button 

Will appear this screen

The program has three powerful options that can be chosen by selecting the three radio-button options shown under Additional Selection.

You may simply display a list of all employees (personnel numbers) that are locked.
The report also displays the employee number, the user name, and the various user details as shown in screen bellow. 

You may also send an SAP office mail to the users who have locked the personnel numbers. In this case, an express message is sent to the user who has locked the employee(s) in question, stating that an email has arrived in their SAP inbox as shown figure bellow.

3 You may also forcefully kill (delete) the user sessions that have locked any
personnel numbers. Choosing the Delete Locking Users’ Sessions kills the session of each user involved in the locking.

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