Implement SNOTE


Implement SNOTE



Today I will show to you how to implement an snote based by a short dump. In ST22 I saw a short dump that looks like this:


If you go inside of the short dump you will see a SAP Correction Notes. Press on it.


Here will show that you have two notes to implement.

Go in the system and press snote transaction.


Press on Download SAP Note.


Enter the note and press execute.



If this note appears, means that you do not have enough rights to to it. So for this go in scc4 and se03 and change the settings to allowed.


Next you will see your notes.


Go to-Note browser to see if the note exist in the system or not. If not then you will see the status


Put the name of the note and execute.


Status new means that does not exist in the system before.


Select the note and press execute.


Press yes if is the same note.



Next it will appear the objects that must be implemented, press continue.




Here just press new.


Next put a description and save.


An automatic request will be generated. Continue.




Your note will appear at the in processing.


Next go to sap note-set processing status in completed.


Press completed and continue and then it will not be anymore in your string.


If you go again to the GO TO – SAP Note browser you fill see that the status is finished.


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