Load data from flat file in BW

Load data from flat file in BW
Enter transaction: RSA1.
Go to Source Systems – choose File to press right click on it and press on Create.
Enter in the Logical System Name and Source System Name the data. Press in Continue (Enter).
Right Click on the Technical Name to display DataSource Tree.
Here you press right click on Unassigned Nodes and choose Create Applicant Component.
Here you enter Application component and Long description and press Continue (Enter).
In front for the Technical Name you will see a “Z”, means that is a custom data source.
GO TO : InfoObjects.
We need to create IonfoObjects but first we need to create Info Area-Info Area Catalog-InfoObjects.
So first we will create an Info Area.
We press right click on the bar or on any infoarea and choose Create InfoArea.
Next we will enter the InfoArea and the Long Description and press Enter.
Search for our new InfoArea and press right click on it, to create InfoObject Catalog.
First we will create an InfoObject Catalog for Characteristics. Press Create. Press on Activate and go back to create one for Key Figure.
Create InfoObject for Key Figure.
Press right Click on the InfoArea and Choose Create InfoObject Catalog.
Enter the InfoObjectCat and long description. Press Create.
Click on activate.
Go to your InfoArea. Right click on the InfoObject Characteristics and choose Create InfoObject.
Here we will enter the name for our charasteristics. I have a Excel where I have my data.
Next we create characteristics for every field. (NAME, CITY, CERTIFICATION, SALARY).
Next we will right click on the InfoArea and choose Creat InfoObject.
Here we can choose a characteristics or create one. For the name and birthday we have from the system(when we move characteristics and key figures from Template to DSO, there we can add them) so next we will create for Birthday, city and certification.
Birthday,certification and city I choose to put them in the characteristics.
I put an example with characteristics and you will do the same for all your characteristics.
Next we select for Data type CHAR and for Length I choose 1, because I have only a number.
We see it here.
We will do the same for all.
If we have the create an InfoObject for Key Figure, we press right click on the InfoObject Catalog for the Key figure.
We will create Key figure for the Salary. Press Enter.
Here you have type Amount and  Data type CURR. For Unit/Currency I choose Annual Salary Currency. Save and Activate.
Here is our Salary InfoObject.
Next we will create a Data Source.
GO TO : left and choose DataSources.
Next we right click and press on Create DataSource.
For Data Type DataSource I choose Master Data Attributes. Press Enter.
Next we complete the areas from General Info.
Next we go to Extraction where we will upload our excel.
On the Header Rows to be Ignored, I choose 1, because I want to be ignored my first row from excel. On Data Format I choose Separated with Separator and here I put “comma” for Data Separator and “apostrophe” for Escape Sign.
Go to Proposal and press on Load Example Data. Press Allow.
Next will appear data.
GO TO : Fields and press YES.
Will appear this information.
GO TO : Preview.
Press on Read Preview Data.
Press Activate and press Enter.
Next we will create an Infopackage,
Go to: DataSource that you created and press right click on in. Press on Create Infopackage.
Enter Infopackage description and press Save.
Go to SCHEDULE and press Start. Press Allow.
Next we create DSO (Data Store Object).
Go to: InfoProvider – right click on InfoArea and press to Create DataStore Object.
Edit DataStore Object and press Create.
GO TO: InfoObject Catalog.
Select first Characteristics. Press Contiune.
With drag an drop you move the characteristics into the Data Fields.
If it doesn’t work with drag and drop you right click on the Data Fields and choose InfoObject Direct Input.
Here you enter the characteristics manually(And the same for standards) and press enter. Press Enter.
Now we will make Transpormation. Right click on DSO and press on Create Transformation.
Enter the target of the transformation and the source of the transformation.  Press Continue.

After you finished to add all characteristics and key figures, you press SAVE and ACTIVATE.
Drag from the DataSource to the Rule Group.


Next we will create a DTP (Data Transfer Process) .
Double Click on DTP.

Here you need just to press Continue, because all fields are completed.
For extraction we put FULL(load all data ) , exists also DELTA (load only data that have been accumulated since the last update).
On Execute field, we SAVE, ACTIVATE and EXECUTE. YES.
Next click on Administrator Data Target.
Go to Contents and press New Data.
There you will see the data.
Go back and press on Requests, select the request and Activate.
Next select the row and press on Start.
Next press on JOBS.
Click on Execute.
Will appear the data (Job status).
Check the data in DSO.

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