New E-Recruiting Solution

New E-Recruiting Solution

  • Talent Relationships Management ( TRM)
  • Requisition Management for Recruiters
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Collaboration
  • Analytics
  • Cost Reduction
    • process cost
    • cost for group wide infrastructure
    • cost for talent acquisition
  • Increase in Efficiency
    • automation of administrative tasks in recruiting
  • Better target achievement / effectiveness
    • higher accessibility of candidates/talents
    • employee retention
  • Preparation of the future
    • new concepts and processes
    • future challenges (Change Management)
SAP E-Recruiting can be used as follows:
  • as a standalone application
  • as a standalone application, integrated into the back-end system (HR,BW)
  • ERP installation ( E-Recruiting as part of the ERP solution ).


Reduction in Administrative costs through: 
  • online self-service applications;
  • applications;
  • inclusion of attachments;
  • open interfaces for transfer of third-party applications( job boards);
  • central storage of all applications with online access for everyone involved;
  • automated receipt confirmations and evaluations (ranking) of online applications;
  • use of process templates to process activities. 



Reduction of paper costs, whenever possible, through:
self-service applications for the applicant( applications,status retrieval, and so on);
  • e-mail/questionnaire interaction between the recruiter and the applicant;
  • integrates correspondence through all media (paper, e-mail, self-service applicants);
  • flexible search through all applicants
  • authorizations determining who can see that information;
  • provision of all information (data overviews) also in PDF format.




Standardization with the required flexibility through :
letter/ e-mail templates for each management step;
  • personalization of letters for each application;
  • central process templates, possibility to define exceptions for each application;
  • standardized self-service application scenarios, possibility to modify these scenarios specific to the postings ( questionnaire);
  • process templates: these consist of an arrangement  of process  steps  to which activities are assigned ( for example, inviting an applicant for an interview or rejecting an applicant); When a process template is linked with a requisition, the recruiter is guided through the applicant tracking process.
  • lists of activities provide a better overview.



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