Payroll Process – Releasing, Checking and Correcting Payroll

Payroll Process- Releasing, Checking and Correcting Payroll

Step 1
In SAP Menu chose: Human Resource-Payroll-International-Payroll-Release Payroll

Select yes to the release for Payroll dialog box.

Step 2.
Go to :Human resource- payroll-international-payroll-start payroll.

Change standard schema from X000 to X700
Payroll Area ##, the current period and the Display log indicator are automaticaly filled set.
Click on Execute

Step 3.
You should receive the following system message: 
Rejected personnel number 390991##. No record available for infotype 0007 for the corresponding period.
Exist the Display Tree screen and return to the SAP standard menu.

Step 4.
Human Resource-Payroll-International-payroll-corrections
Release the payroll area for corrections by selecting YES to the corrections dialog box.

Step 5.
Human Resource-Payroll-International-Tools-Control Record

Enter Payroll Area ##.
Select Display.
Chose Incorrect pers. nos.

Return to the SAP Standard menu.

Step 6.
For correct the personnel numbers chose: Human Resource-Personnel Management-Administration-HR Master data-Maintain

Create the Planned Working Time infptype(0007) to use the Work Schedule rule Norm for employee 390991## as of the Hire Date. Save and return to the Hr Mater data-Maintain.

Change the Basic Pay infotype 0008 for ours employee as of the hire date. Enter 120.00 in the Working hours per period field and 100% in the capacity utilization level field.
Save the data end return to the standard menu.

Step 7.
Human resource-Payroll-International-Payroll-Release payroll
Select YES to the Release for Payroll dialog box

You will be sent to the standard menu and you will chose : Payroll-Start Payroll

Change the standard schema from x000 to x0007. The Payroll area ##, the current period and the Display log indicator are automatically and set.
Chose the button Search Helps. Select W(Payroll correction run) and chose Copy. The Restrict Value Range dialog box Appears. Don not restrict the value range, choose Continue.
Select Execute.
Payroll should now have run successfully for your employee.
Return to the Standard menu.

Step 8.
Human Resource-Payroll-International-Tools-Control Record
Enter your payroll area and chose display.
The payroll status is Released for payroll and the run is 2.

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