Performance Management SAP HCM

Performance Management
1.Maintain the Communication infotype (IT0105)
2.• Use the user-specific settings to store default values
1.GO TO: Human Resources→ Personnel Management → Administration → HR Master Data → Maintain.

Enter personnel number(For your person) and under Direct Selection, select the Communication infotype (IT 0105).

Choose the function Create. In the dialog box Subtypes of the Communication Infotype double-click subtype 0001 (system user name) to transfer it.

In the view Create Communication, in the field ID/Number, enter the SAP system User with which you are logged on to the training system. Save the infotype data and return to the SAP Easy Access Menu.

2.GO TO: Human Resources→ Personnel Management →Personnel Development →Settings → User-Specific.

Under Appraisals, make sure Appraiser and Appraiser are both set to Person. Choose Permanent.


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