Personnel Cost Planning – Data collection

Personnel Cost Planning – Data collection
Human Resources → Personnel Management→ Personnel Cost Planning → Data Collection →Employee

In the Data Basis  choose Reference/Demo Data.

To display the data collection methods, choose Data Collection
Methods from the Data Source area.

Here we have several data collection methods are available for employees:
• Infotype: Basic Pay (0008)
• Infotype: Capital Formation (0010)
• Infotype: Recurring Payments/Deductions (0014)
• Infotype: Additional Payments (0015)
• Infotype: Additional Payments Off-Cycle (0267)
• Infotype: Semiretirement D (0521)
• Difference Between Actual and Planned Compensation
• Compensation Guidelines
• Compensation Guidelines Enterprise
• Data from Payroll
• Simulated Pay Scale Reclassification
• Data from Training and Event Management

Choose the data collection methods Infotype Basic Pay (0008) and Infotype Recurring Payments/Deductions (0014) and Continue.

In test run, start data collection with a data record log for Vera Schneid (550992##). Which cost
items are collected for Vera Schneid (550992##).

In the Collecting Personnel Cost Planning Data for Employees view, enter in the Personnel Number field 550992## (Vera Schneid). In the Data Storage area, enter the data collection period 01/01/200X (the next year) to 12/31/200X and choose (subtype) Reference/demo data as
the data basis. Important – choose Test Run and Data Record Log. Then, Execute the report.

The cost items Wages and Salaries and other wages/salaries are collected.


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