Personnel Cost Planning

Personnel Cost Planning
Personnel Cost Planning
Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation is based on a broad data basis and is integrated with other applications. This ensures that business processes are supported across departments.
You can obtain the payment information, which you use to create personnel cost plans, from different sources. These include basic payments, payroll results, simulated reclassifications, recurring payments and deductions, and one-time payments.
You can also use the planned remuneration data for positions/jobs for planning.
You can also use average calculations.
Managers have the option of making other adjustments to the plan. A Web-based front end is made available for this purpose.
Generated cost plans can be extracted to the SAP Business InformationWarehouse (BI) for analysis.
After a plan has been released, the data can be used in mySAP HCM:• 
To create salary budgets for Compensation Management
 To create training budgets for Training and Event Management
To transfer planning data to Controlling
The Planning Process and the Roles Involved
Embedded in a strategic personnel management concept, you can implement the new component to adapt the Personnel Cost Planning to the strategic aims of your company. This means you can use suitable actions to react to changes in the
company strategy at any time and, for example, to adapt the planning of new compensation models to company or market requirements.
Personnel cost analysts and managers are involved in the personnel cost planning process.
Personnel cost analysts plan, execute and monitor personnel cost planning.
Managers can execute decentralized detail planning and, in this way, adjust the planning to meet the department’s requirements.

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