Reporting in HCM

Standard reports
  • You can access standard reports from the SAP Easy Access Menu or using general report selection.
  • The Human Resources Information System (HIS) makes it easy for you to request and start all HR reports within Structural Graphics.
  • Manager’s Desktop is a tool specifically for managers in which they can evaluate and change data.
  • Ad-Hoc-Query enables you to create reports flexibly. Although it is called InfoSet Query in other SAP system components, it remains Ad Hoc Query within Human Capital Management.
  • The Business Warehouse is an independent system in which analyses can be performed. SAP delivers business data in the form of Business Content.


Information system reports. 

SAP provides tools for creating your own reports, as well as a large number of important standard reports for all SAP applications. You start the reports from the main Information System in the SAP Easy Access menu or from any of the information systems of the components or subcomponents.

When you call the Information System of the Human Resources component, you can start a standard report or create a report using one of the tools (Ad Hoc Query, SAP Query, HIS). Reports that you create with the Ad Hoc Query or SAP Query can be saved and inserted in the structure containing the standard reports.

Report selection screen (example)

The report selection screen contains a series of selection options that enable you to determine the criteria used to execute a Human Resources report. There are two fields available for each selection option in which you can enter either a single value or a value range. By choosing specific selection options and values, you can determine the dataset to be read and the result of the report. The latter is derived from the evaluation of employee records and is output either as a list of employees, or as a numerical analysis of data on these employees.

To make generic entries, use *. To make masked entries, use +.

Human resources information system

The graphic displays the requested organizational structure. A second window lists the available reports.
The upper section of the window lists the areas available. After you have selected an area, the reports available for this area are listed in the lower section of the window.
If you have selected at least one object in the graphic, the report is started. The report results are displayed in an additional window.

Manager’s desktop

The initial screen provides an overview of the default overall scenario in the Manager’s Desktop, which consists of the five theme categories listed above and their function lists.
The function codes in Customizing can be used to put these categories into customer-specific hierarchies. The categories can also be enhanced with customer-specific functions.
Furthermore, the user can deactivate unnecessary categories and functions on the initial screen and on the various screens of the different application components. It is always possible to switch between user settings and standard settings.
The initial screen can be adapted to customer-specific requirements in Customizing. For example, it can be enhanced with an enterprise logo and/or background picture.

Working with manager’s desktop

The screen is divided into two areas: the right area displays the area of responsibility, the left displays the possible functions arranged in a function tree.
The tab pages on the right enable you to generate different views of the organizational structure for your area of responsibility. Organizational objects are displayed for which the functions on the left can be executed.

Ad hoc query

The Ad Hoc Query is a simple but powerful tool for reporting on HR data. It enables you to access data from all Human Resources areas by choosing selection and output fields.
The Ad Hoc Query can be used for data stored in Recruitment, Master Data, Time Management, and Personnel Planning and Development (person-related data).
Programming skills are not required. You choose the selection and output fields on a screen.

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