SAP BASIS Administrator – How to create developer key?


SAP BASIS Administrator

 How to Create developer key?



Go to SAP Market Place.


Choose SAP Support Portal.


Next press on Keys, Systems & Installations.


Go to View or request license keys. 




Press on SSCR Keys.


Press on Launch the SSCR application.




Next go to Software Change Registration (SSCR).



Next press on Register Developer.



In this window you must to select the Installation number.


If you do not know the installation number we go to the system for which you create the key and there select system and status.


Select your Installation Number and put the user name. Press on Register.


Will appear this information which we must to copy it in the e-mail that we will send to the person who request it.


Very important is to Encrypt our e-mail before we send it. The reason is that contain private info.


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