SAP Basis Administrator – Create user

SAP Basis Administrator – Create user


Go to sap logon and choose your system.


To create an user you must know the user name for which you create the user on SAP.

Go to SAP system enter transaction SU01.


Next you need to enter the user name and press on copy. With this option you can create a new user name by using another user name that have the same profiles and roles. So it is more easier than to create a new one from beginning.


Next you can transfer the roles and parameters from another user if they have the same data or create separate roles and parameters.


For transfer roles and parameters from a user to another enter first the user from you want to transfer at “from” and at “to” the user for you create. At choose parts you can check all of them Other than ”address” because the address is unique. Press on create button.


Next we must generate a Password. The password must have uppercase letters, digit numbers and signs. The user will modify the password after we sent it the new info about his user on the system. At user group we can choose another group if it need it.



Next we go at Address. We enter the Title, Last and First Name, department, E-mail, Language, and also we can enter another company if it need it.


Next in the SNC part we enter the it:


If we want to see that the SNC is ok, we press enter there and will that is ok.

We can check “unsecure communication permitted(user-specific) if we want that the user can have access without SSO”.


On the default we can press the logon language. ( ex.English ).


For role, parameters, profiles are selected already because are the same with the user we choose as an example.


Of course the profile SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW are not allowed to have, because it is very dangerous.

Next we save this new user by pressing on save.


Below on the bar will appear that the new user has been saved.


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